Day 4: Oops…

No picture of food tonight guys. I’m sorry. I ended up going to campus to meet with my group about our international marketing project right after work, so I broke down and had a McDouble and a small french fry. Life, you keep getting in the way of everything!

To make up for it, I’m going to try my best to not pig out tomorrow. My menu is already planned, and some dishes are already prepared.

July 4th Cookout Menu

I made the quinoa salad tonight, and it passed the taste test of a true Colombian, so I’m excited about that one tomorrow. The watermelon salad shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes to throw together tomorrow, and the portobellos will marinate tomorrow morning. I’m really hoping our Whole Foods carries halloumi. I would love to through this on a burger!

Do you have anything special planned for tomorrow? I’m dying to hear about some great summer recipes!


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